BabyJ's Guide for Foreigners Living in Japan

Information on life in Japan, Japanese society and culture 外国人の日本生活ガイド&日本の社会・文化

Nice to Meet You


Love English and Intercultural Communication

Hello, nice to meet you😌.

My name is Junko BabyJ Lewis. Please call me “BabyJ.”

Since Junior High School, I've loved English and intercultural communications. I went to college in Boston, Massachusetts, and went on to a couple of universities in Japan afterwards, where I majored in comparative culture and Japanese Studies.

Experiences Associating with Foreigners

I have had over thirty years of experiences associating with foreigners in Japan and abroad, in my works at several international organizations and companies, and also through marriage. My ex-husband is an African American gospel singer in Tokyo.

<More Background>

Through these experiences, I have had opportunities to look at Japan and Japanese people, from the eyes of foreigners. 

Japanese People's Behavior

While providing bilingual services (interpretation, translation, counseling etc.) to foreigners in Japan, I am also working for one of the Japanese leading companies in Tokyo. That company happens to be very Japanese and very conservative.

My responsibility for this company includes recruitment of human recourses from overseas. 

I often encounter the situation where everything is handled in a very Japanese way. It makes me think that the way Japanese people think and behave may be confusing for some non-Japanese people.

Purpose of Writing 

There are a lot of websites available for foreigners, that provide useful information such as food, travel, jobs, and etc. Most of the time, such information is provided by foreigners themselves.

However, I thought that, as a native of Japan, I could  introduce how and why Japanese people think and behave the way they do, and also I could provide the unique aspect of Japanese society and culture.

By doing so, I can offer interesting stories to foreigners, and also it’s also a good opportunity for insight to myself as well.

Once again, it is nice to meet you😊!