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Profile プロフィール


Hello, this is Junko "BabyJ" Lewis.

Please let me introduce myself in more detail.

はじめまして、ルイス純子 Junko BabyJ Lewisと申します。もう少し詳しい自己紹介をいたします。

Love English and World 英語や世界が大好き

Since my early days at Junior High School, I've loved English. 

After graduation from high school, I went to the United States and enrolled in college in Massachusetts where I studied for 1 year. And, I transferred to Sophia University and graduated with BA in Comparative Culture. 


Psychology and Translation 心理学と翻訳


Later year, I entered Waseda University, aiming to be a Clinical Psychologist where I graduated with BA in Psychology. 

I was later involved in the free counseling program for foreigners in Tokyo (TELL: Tokyo English Life Line) as a volunteer and I went through the trainings to be a counselor. 

Also I studied conference Interpretation and business/patent translation at schools for several years.

その後、社会に出た後、早稲田大学に学士入学 (既に学士を取得していたため、3年次から編入)し、心理学を専攻。在学中に認定心理士の資格を得て卒業しました。

また、Tokyo English Life Line (TELL)という外国人対象の「いのちの電話」のボランティアカウンセラーになるための研修も修了しました。

翻訳、通訳等では、インタースクール (会議通訳)、フェローアカデミー (翻訳) に通い、会議通訳や実務翻訳・特許翻訳等の実践的スキルを身につけました。

Business Background 職務経験

Over the course of 30 years, I've also worked for Preparatory school for study overseas (preparation for TOEFL/SAT/GMAT/GRE), an International humanitarian organization, an International organization, a publishing company and a university, dealing with foreign associates and customers. 

Through various duties, which I was assigned in these work places, I've acquired experiences of communication, negotiation, interpretation, translation and also coordination in English with people of different backgrounds.

My responsibility for the past 7 years has been recruitment of human resources from overseas. 





Qualifications 資格

Through many years of study and work experiences, I've obtained the qualification of a Certified Psychologist in 2002 (License No 6964), and a National License of Guide Business (English/License No EN00741) in 1989, and I've also received a score of 955 on the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication by ETS) in 2007.

主な資格は、認定心理士 (認定No. 6964)、全国通訳案内士 (英語/免許No. EN00741)です。TOEIC: 955点。

My Interests 興味・趣味等について

I love black music, especially Reggae, Hip Hop and R&B. I am a big fun of Prince, 2PAC, Dr. Dre, Warren G, Snoop, etc.

I also like coffee, wine, movies, reading, and writing.

I am also a longtime Mac faithful and admire Steve Jobs. My favorite words and mottoes are, therefore,  "Think Different" and "Think Simple."😊

Some of the movies I loved most are Moonlight, Cast Away, Death in Venice, Slumdog Millionaire, Picture of Dorian Gray, and Final Destination series, especially 5 Final Dead Bridge (But, this doesn’t mean I am into horror movies.)

ブラックミュージック、特にレゲエやHip Hop、R&Bが好きで、プリンスや2PACDr. Dre、Warren G、Snoopなどのファンです。その他、コーヒー、ワイン、映画、読書、ブログなどの文章を書くことが好きです。

また、MacAppleが大好きで、Steve Jobsを尊敬しています。好きな言葉兼モットーは、"Think Different" "Think Simple"です。

映画は、「ムーンライト」、「キャストアウェイ」、「ベニスに死す」、「スラムドッグ$ミリオネア」、「ドリアン・グレイの肖像」、「ファイナル・デスティネーション」シリーズなどが好きです。特に5作目の「ファイナル・デッドブリッジ」が 一番気に入っています (ホラー映画狂という訳ではありませんが)。 


Once again, nice to meet you😊.



Junko BabyJ Lewis
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