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Translation Service 翻訳サービス


Translation service for letters, documents, emails, contracts/agreements, or anything that you may need in your daily life are provided promptly upon your request. Speedy delivery is promised. In case of translation from Japanese to English, translated material will be delivered upon proofreading by native English speaker. 

ビジネスまたは日常生活で扱う手紙、文書、メール、契約書・同意書等の和訳や英訳を行います。日本語から英語への英訳の場合は、ネィティブによるプルーフリーディング (チェックと修正) 後に納品いたします。

Service Time 所要日数

1-3 days after receiving the order
ご注文受領後1-3 日

 Service Fee 料 金

Japanese→English: 4,200 yen / per 1 original Japanese page (700 characters)
*@6.0 yen / character (tax included) 
 Original Japanese page (700 characters) Sample

English→Japanese: 2,400 yen / per 1 original English page (200 words)
*@12.0 yen / word (tax included) 
 Original English page (200 words) Sample

* Tax included
* Should you need any corrections or revisions, follow-up services will be provided without additional charges for 2 weeks upon delivery of service.

日本語→英語: 4,200 円 / 日本語原文ページ (700 文字)
*@6.0 円 / 文字 (税込) 
 日本語原文ページサンプル (700 文字)

英語→日本語: 2,400 円 / 英語原文ページ (200 語)
*@12.0 円 / 語 (税込)
 英語原文ページサンプル (200 語)

* 税込
* 納品後2週間は、訂正・修正等を追加料金なしで申し受けます。

How to Order ご注文方法

1. Order ご注文

Please order the service by Order Form with your name,  your contact information, line of service you need and information for your request.


2. Confirmation by emails メールによる確認

I will contact you to confirm your request such as the volume of translation and the details of an assistance you may need.


3. Payment お支払い

Payment information will be sent to you upon confirmation of your order. Please process payment by credit card online by the day the service is to be provided. In case of Assistance Service, you can choose to pay in cash or by credit card on the site.



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